As I begin my FIRST journey…a journey where traveling with intention requires making several stops; a movement meant to pause often; a kind of travel with greater quality of journey than with expediation or speed; a focus on the process, not the product; a relishing of the journey not a race to the end…I realize this is just the beginning of a commitment to seeing and learning a host of new things.

My objective includes the need to stop and physically take the time to announce to myself – and sometimes others – “God First. I am pausing to place God first right now.”

I began to see every new data or interruption or person surfaced in my life as on purpose. As if all the pieces that flow before me come with intention and therefore have meaning. Like puzzle pieces given and distributed over time whose perfect connection will display for you a bigger picture of meaning and significance.

I began to feel a new sensation of actually ‘walking with God,’ without trying to sound cliche. The walking is a feeling of having open mental dialogue with the Savior; sort of an open consultation as you live and breathe and move in your space.

[At this venture, there may be much for you to do to open this space, this channel, this flow with the Father; for you must remove, turn off, delete, and rid your life and desires of the other entities that have occupied their real estate in your time, agenda or schedule.] Having released myself of society’s demands and pull on my attention and energy, I did actually take peaceful, healing walks. One such walk led me to a new person.

…to be continued in followup article titled: A New Person