God, let me check with you first, I need to schedule some appointments for my job. I’d like to schedule them today and for this week. I do (need) to complete these appointments for my January month end numbers.

These appointments are far away, and I need them both (or all three!) to be available on one of the days I am also free to take the time to drive out there. I need them to be flexible enough to allow me drive time, installation time, additional travel and arrival at appointments #2 and the miraculous appointment #3 (which I cannot get a hold of as of yet.)

So. With my calendar open before me, and my clients on the radar – and please God, let them all have working connections for my phone, open the power, phone and internet portals in their home for when I install – and yes, let me make contact and schedule them all correctly, in order, on the best free day, that I can prepare and complete this task with your favor, blessing and success.

Regardless of the outcome, I place you FIRST, I ask you FIRST, and I receive the results that will glorify you FIRST. These trivial tasks of this life are Yours, and I will not fight against the schedule and plans you have already written for me. I trust you FIRST and now and again as I develop my spiritual discipline of placing You number ONE.

Proverbs 3:5-6 TRUST in the Lord with all your heart, don’t lean on the things you understand, but in every way you go, acknowledge Him (first), and He will direct your paths. (according to His perfect will.) Amen!