I sit in silence, in early morning. The hum of electric appliances playing on my ears. And I wait.

I have woken seeking more from Him; desiring to feed myself with more of His Word, from somewhere in the Bible. I bring my journal. I write to Him. I display words that honestly reflect my heart. I sit. I wait.

I covet these moments. I lay down, relaxing; knowing He knows I just want to be with Him. My journal lay open; ideas, words, thoughts, scribbled on this page and that. Waiting. Asking. Wondering.

What do you have for me Lord?

February is approaching. Will I be “too busy” to commit and complete daily speaking, sharing and inviting of His truth into my life and others’ lives? Too busy with what? Preoccupied with what more important thing? Why did the calling and direction of God’s moving in my relationship with Him somehow hit the chopping block? Like an unexpected auditor showed up and said we have to cut the spirit budget; He’s gotta go.

Sounds like the enemy’s schemes, right? Like all the same reasons why you shouldn’t work out or go for a run today. It’s defending the default ‘no’ that arises, but from where?

What if I was a default YES. What if I pre-determined, decided in advance that I say, YES. Yes, God, what you said. Yes, God, what you want. I say Yes, God; to You.

But then all those other things that are crying for your attention and demanding a slice of loyalty from your life, what will happen to those? How will they remain in the territory of our life? How will they survive? How will YOU live without them?

Much better; in fact. Matthew 6:33 says, ” Seek FIRST the kingdom of God, His righteousness, and all those other things will be added unto you.”

FIRST. What if I seek Him first? At all times. Every day. In every thing.

Let’s think, pray on and explore the idea of a February focus on FIRST. We’ll have to reprioritize some thing, but what would happen…if in all things, HE was FIRST.